Cesarean Delivery

//Cesarean Delivery

A Cesarean delivery or “C-section” is the delivery of the baby through an incision in the abdomen. C-section deliveries are nationally about 25-30% of pregnancies. There are many reasons deliveries result in C-section births; each has its’ own unique characteristics. The reasons for performing cesarean delivery can be categorized, but it should be recognized that often a combination of individual factors must be considered.

  • Women with medical factors
  • Condition of the fetus
  • Conditions of the mother/baby combination (baby too large for birth canal)
  • Condition of the afterbirth (placenta previa)

Dr. MacFarlane’s considers every possibility to provide for a healthy mother and healthy baby. In some instances, the cesarean delivery is decided upon before labor and vaginal delivery are ever started. Options are always presented and the mother and farther assist with the decisions.