Pregnancy Ultrasound

//Pregnancy Ultrasound

Each mother decides at the beginning of care her desire for ultrasound evaluation of the pregnancy. Early sonogram establishes the success of the pregnancy in achieving an intrauterine (not tubal) and viable heartbeat.

Most mothers request the second trimester sonogram to evaluate for growth, health of baby and placenta. Olathe OBGYN strongly believes that in-office ultrasound exams improve communication of this information and provides the convenience of one visit for sonogram and Doctor.

Always share questions or concerns with the staff or Doctor.

Ultrasound is a method of imaging the fetus and pelvic organs.  The ultrasound machine works through high-frequency sound waves that reflect off the body structures and produce pictures.

First Trimester Scans:

  • Determine multiple pregnancies
  • Determine fetal age
  • Confirm a normal intra-uterine pregnancy
  • Rule-out abnormalities
  • Assess fetal heart activity

Second Trimester Scans:

  • Determine fetal growth
  • Assess placenta, amniotic fluid
  • Identify congenital malformations